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Fix activemq download URL

parent 791e950d
......@@ -4,10 +4,10 @@
activemq_user: activemq
activemq_group: activemq
activemq_version: 5.14.2
activemq_version: 5.14.4
activemq_archive_name: apache-activemq-{{ activemq_version }}-bin.tar.gz
activemq_archive_sha256_sum: bdf5632274b7b609c4a6b2df923144ca7e41cd260c70c198fe47c81790d958a9
activemq_download_url:{{ activemq_version }}/{{ activemq_archive_name }}
activemq_archive_sha256_sum: 16ec52bece0a4759f9d70f4132d7d8da67d662e4af029081c492e65510a695c1
activemq_download_url:{{ activemq_version }}/apache-activemq-{{ activemq_version }}-bin.tar.gz&action=download
activemq_name: apache-activemq-{{ activemq_version }}
activemq_service_name: activemq
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