Commit c121f04a authored by Stephen Seltzer's avatar Stephen Seltzer

Fixes wildfly10 script so that service starts on boot

parent d35741d1
......@@ -37,6 +37,11 @@
- name: set the JBOSS_USER environment variable in the startup script configuration file
lineinfile: dest="{{ wildfly_home_directory }}/docs/contrib/scripts/init.d/wildfly.conf"
regexp="^JBOSS_USER" insertafter="^# JBOSS_USER" line="JBOSS_USER={{ wildfly_user }}"
- name: set the WILDFLY_NAME in the Wildfly startup script
lineinfile: dest="{{ wildfly_home_directory }}/docs/contrib/scripts/init.d/"
regexp="^WILDFLY_NAME=" line="WILDFLY_NAME=wildfly"
- restart wildfly
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