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# utils-responsive
# Responsive Utils
This library was generated with [Nx](
## ResponsiveService
## Running unit tests
Injectable singleton service responsible for tracking changes to screen sizes. To use, simply inject the service into the constructor.
Run `nx test utils-responsive` to execute the unit tests.
import { ResponsiveService } from '@psu/utils/responsive';
constructor(public responsiveService: ResponsiveService) {}
### Public API
// Reactive context
public currentScreenSize$: Observable<ScreenSize>;
public isMobile$: Observable<boolean>;
public isTabletSmall$: Observable<boolean>;
public isTabletLarge$: Observable<boolean>;
public isDesktop$: Observable<boolean>;
// Static context
public currentScreenSize: ScreenSize;
public isMobile: boolean;
public isTabletSmall: boolean;
public isTabletLarge: boolean;
public isDesktop: boolean;
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