Commit 34b4eb0a authored by Matt Teeter's avatar Matt Teeter

Remove scss-bundle

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......@@ -25,13 +25,12 @@
"workspace-schematic": "nx workspace-schematic",
"dep-graph": "nx dep-graph",
"help": "nx help",
"build:lib": "ng build utils && yarn bundle-styles",
"build:lib": "ng build utils",
"bundle:report": "webpack-bundle-analyzer dist/apps/demo/stats.json",
"format:html": "yarn html:format:apps && yarn html:format:libs",
"html:format:apps": "find apps -name '*.html' -exec node_modules/.bin/html-beautify -qr {} +",
"html:format:libs": "find libs -name '*.html' -exec node_modules/.bin/html-beautify -qr {} +",
"cz": "git-cz",
"bundle-styles": "scss-bundle -c scss-bundle.config.json"
"cz": "git-cz"
"private": false,
"dependencies": {
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