Release 2.0.0

Bug Fixes

  • browser: Add explicit change detector check when focusing inputs to prevent changedAfterChecked errors on matInput's (05aaa99)
  • form: support ivy in DisableControlDirective (982aa95)
  • loading-events: removes duplicate LoadingEvents implementation (cc8ad91)
  • properties: bypass http interceptors (a5fd1a0)
  • responsive: Add explicit markForCheck call to force change detection when values are changed in order for host bindings to update (f90667e)
  • security: add event listener class interface (0255020)
  • security: export additional stuff (62205ce)
  • patch vulnerable packages (ebfd4bb)
  • removes unused imports (97e369e)


  • security: add ngrx state for security (abfbc7c)
  • security: cross cutting security features (56c0f19)
  • security: implement logout for auth service (c498fdf)
  • add external-link directive (4ce1ec0)


  • loading-events: removes @psu/utils/loading-events entrypoint. Use @psu/utils/browser instead