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Commit 08939961 authored by Andy Cobaugh's avatar Andy Cobaugh

Merge branch 'bug/pulls-nexus-for-swagger-ui' into 'develop'

Trades Quay -> Nexus repo for swagger-ui

See merge request !12
parents 1b1e0c39 018687c6
Pipeline #121904 waiting for manual action with stages
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......@@ -421,11 +421,13 @@ func checkIfSwaggerUiInstalled() {
installed := helmReleaseInstalled("swagger-ui")
const swaggerUIImage = ""
if !installed {
environment.RunRequired(true, "docker", "pull", "")
environment.RunRequired(true, "docker", "pull", swaggerUIImage)
if kindProvider() {
color.New(color.FgGreen).Printf("Pushing image: '' into the kind cluster: %s\n", viper.GetString(""))
environment.RunRequired(true, "kind", "load", "docker-image", "--name", viper.GetString(""), "")
color.New(color.FgGreen).Printf("Pushing image: '%s' into the kind cluster: %s\n", swaggerUIImage, viper.GetString(""))
environment.RunRequired(true, "kind", "load", "docker-image", "--name", viper.GetString(""), swaggerUIImage)
if helmVersion2() {
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