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Commit 31e3e0de authored by Andy Cobaugh's avatar Andy Cobaugh

revert quiet flag

parent 7da91793
......@@ -46,9 +46,7 @@ var rootCmd = &cobra.Command{
cmd.HelpFunc()(cmd, args)
PersistentPreRun: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {
if !viper.GetBool("quiet") {
SilenceUsage: true,
......@@ -67,15 +65,7 @@ func init() {
cli.Default.Padding = InitialPadding
// Here you will define your flags and configuration settings.
// Cobra supports persistent flags, which, if defined here,
// will be global for your application.
rootCmd.PersistentFlags().StringVar(&cfgFile, "config", "", "config file (default is $HOME/.devtool.yaml)")
// Cobra also supports local flags, which will only run
// when this action is called directly.
// rootCmd.Flags().BoolP("toggle", "t", false, "Help message for toggle")
rootCmd.Flags().BoolP("quiet", "q", false, "Suppress printing of extraneous info, including the logo")
// initConfig reads in config file and ENV variables if set.
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