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### Local-Only Deployments
The devtool supports deploying additional charts locally to simulate development resources. This eliminates the need to alter/maintain charts to add resources that will never be needed in production environments.
"name": "accounts-service",
"language": "java",
"deployables": [
"name": "accounts-service",
"dockerfile": "Dockerfile",
"chart": "cm/eio-swe-service",
"chartVersion": "0.14.0",
"localConfig": "config/local.yml"
"name": "accounts-service-postgres",
"chart": "postgresql",
"chartVersion": "0.18.1",
"localConfig": "config/local-postgres.yml",
"localOnly": true
"localEnvVars": ["OAUTH_CLIENT_ID"],
type: NodePort
enabled: true
postgresUser: accounts_service_user
postgresPassword: secret
postgresDatabase: accounts_service
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