35f70a53 Add ci wait subcommand
ad6725e6 Add ci wait subcommand
4b54fbc1 Adding delete command and --rebuild flag to reset k8s environment
4a15c9e0 Adding nginx-ingress for kind provider
854a5c14 Adding open command to devtool
a757e6d1 Adding support for kind k8s provider
24c4809a Adding swagger-ui ingress and setup of /etc/hosts file
ee6e5f43 Adding the stable repo for helm 3 clients
7a00fc4e Fixing clean command to work with helm 3
f7b08b72 Fixing error message for helm3
65a01c4a Fixing logging for kind image push
8fe99f1e Fixing minikube ingress configurations
284cb9a5 Pulling swagger-ui image on swagger install step
1f57518e Removing the sha1sum requirement for kind provider
8c71d10f Update
37ffb957 Updating logging for kind provider
68cf1eee [skip-ci] Updating develop to pre-merge state
43b1d101 adding minikube ingress addon
cd9a99f9 adding more structure
4ef73073 adding option to push helm config into local env vars
15a0601d api versus package
f8c8a884 chore(deps): Update buildversion go GoVersion is populated
6d0da971 chore: go mod tidy
0fb48616 chore: go mod tidy after rebase
b5627235 ci wait: add option to wait for the rollout to complete
469ef383 ci wait: logging changes, fix the wait-for-rollout function, fix for empty CI_COMMIT_SHA
1c916307 fixing publish
83183f14 remove this as concept already exists
8919b596 wait: avoid potential panic in case v is nil
796d41e1 wait: make retry/delay/timeout configurable via flags, clean up logging
eae26c95 wait: make url template configurable via flag
85d4c6f7 wait: use StringSlice instead of StringArray, and bind the urls flag in PreRunE