Commit c1eca2e0 authored by ROBERT PATRICK CAREY III's avatar ROBERT PATRICK CAREY III 🗿

Update user-preferences.html.twig

parent 22fc7820
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
{% if is_book %}
{% if can_add_child_page %}
<span class="addpage nav-link"><a href="/statprogram/node/add/lesson?parent={{ nid }}" id="add_child_page"
<span class="addpage nav-link"><a href="{{ url('<front>')|render ~ 'node/add/lesson?parent=' ~ nid }}" id="add_child_page"
data-tippy-content="Add child page" data-toggle="tooltip" aria-label="Add child page">
<span class="fa-layers">
<i class="fal fa-book">&nbsp;</i>
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