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  • v0.1.0-alpha.1
    Release v0.1.0-alpha.1


    119f5257 Add more flags to group create, pull in latest groupservice with logging cleanup
    bdf5edef Change shorthand for oauth-url to allow for -o/--output
    44c5eedb Group list and get, Output formatting options
    48800d7e Implement group delete and group create (partial)
    7f6b5000 Initial commit
    aa86a21d Make creds file more generic in case we need to store more than just an oauth2 token
    193306ca Rename config view subcommand to get for consistency
    66332eb7 Rudimentary group list functionality
    293250b4 Support implicit and authcode with pkce flows. Save temporary creds to credentials file
    36a87dd5 Use PersistentPreRunE to more gracefully handle return codes from viper.BindPFlag()
    dc9e6f8e Use RunE instead of Run
    b6117dd7 actually add login and version
    9243b9f9 add --timeout
    33a5336b add credentials-file flag
    5008a661 add function to psuoauth to get token-info endpoint, and add login info command. persist token info to creds cache file
    9d170d25 add function to psuoauth to get token-info endpoint, and add login info command. persist token info to creds cache file
    48e867c8 add group change-role subcommand
    3c1943c2 add group edit command
    fa392b61 add helper function to get oauth user id
    716e3912 add meta info to group list, default user-id option to oauth user id
    a3be8284 bump dep on groupservice
    6e0a31a8 check error from initConfig()
    f9099465 clean up config write error message
    bed5bdea config file stuff
    788bf940 config profiles are mostly working
    800b42db config: set and view subcommands
    337ced08 define RoleTypes
    99158087 define getFlagStringArray(), rename getOauthUserID to readTokenInfo, define additional type arrays
    7e3b33cb define psuoauth.GetToken()
    87be8f7d do not put credentials-file in config, leave it as a flag so XDG_CACHE_DIR will work correctly
    5c79b422 fix bug in config set
    f2c7868e fix global flags, add config validation to every command that needs it
    309bf2ca fix some lint issues
    39c4f561 go mod tidy
    f2059077 go mod tidy
    abdb68d6 go mod tidy, import latest groupservice
    dcad36ff goreleaser changes
    598a18f4 goreleaser: initial commit
    fa1e0d26 group get: output more info about the group, only accept group name now
    79447baf group list command, with filters
    016ed63c group transfer
    295335db implement add-member and remove-member
    5a213724 implement add/remove/set-destination. Resolves #2
    539258ef initial commit
    04482581 list: remove admin, owner, member options as these are being removed from the API in the future
    4ec5e9e0 make cfgFile local to initConfig() rather than global
    03f6d1c8 makefile: point to swe-golang-binary
    5d8b03dc move add/remove member under group subcommand
    7d724f18 psuoauth: add some tests
    905e52b1 remove unused getFlagInt()
    aacfae6e rename project to umgctl
    8ff05d29 root: fix defaultConfigFile() and defaultCredentialsFile()
    be46adb6 uint is 64-bits long
    89439493 update buildversion to v0.2.0
    407bf5a8 update dependency on groupservice
    4d5e873b update gitignore
    a1986162 update gitignore, remove .goreleaser.yml, update Makefile
    95390dbb update groupservice pkg to latest with context
    d60d1960 update to latest groupservice client from develop, locally define groupTypes
    9e3ca1b0 use builtin version option
    84554826 use nameOrIdToGroupID() in group delete
    55a9faaf use oauth userid in group get command
    e2aef4b6 use os.Exit(1) where appropriate for now
    5b1ac639 use os.User(Config|Cache)Dir()
    bf547cca use readTokenInfo()
    9cc5874b validate config
    953c160b version command, login command stub, makefile